Boylston Parks and Recreation
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Rules & Regulations for Field Use

  1. There will be no organized group outings or events allowed on recreation property without a permit from BP&R.
  2. All recreation fields will close at dusk. Lighted fields at 10:00 pm.
  3. No on shall drive a motorized vehicle of any kind across or on recreational fields.
  4. No person shall erect, paint, paste, or otherwise post, affix, or distribute any signs, advertisements, or circulars without the consent of BP&R.
  5. There shall be no open fires, bonfires, fire pits, or the like authorized without the written consent of BP&R and the Boylston Fire Department.
  6. Violation of above rules will result in a fine in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws (Ch 45, Section 24).
  7. Vandalism and property damage to fields, facilities and equipment will  be dealt with by BPD and General Counsel.
  8. No hitting golf balls.
  9. No smoking allowed on any field or facility managed by BP&R.
  10. Police take notice.
  11. Rosters and Permits must be available on request.
  12. Manor and Hillside snack shacks will be left clean and orderly.  Food and perishables must be removed at end of season.
  13. No structures permanent or temporary may be erected without the approval of BP&R, Building Inspector and any other local AHJ’s.